RVT Handelsges. mbH
Halsbrücker Str. 31b
09599 Freiberg

phone: +49(0)3731.79828-0
fax: +49(0)3731.79828-30
mail: kontakt@rvth-mbh.de

Special products and providing corrosion protection
PE and bitumen coatings
Lining with cement, PE or bitumen
Sandblasting on the inside and outside
Primer and finishing coats based on zinc dust or zinc phosphate or polymers
Special coatings within the legal stipulations

Mechanical processing
All forms of sealing surfaces according to EN / DIN / ANSI
Special flanges and collars
Drilling and welding work
Butt weld processing of flanges and shaped pieces
Tongue and groove processing according to EN / DIN
Projection and recess processing according to EN / DIN
Correct rubber coating processing of edges and screw holes

Special products
Steel pipe formed parts according to drawings
Production of T-piece saddles and elbow T-pieces
Reducers and T-pieces with a welded finish